Sunday, February 22, 2009

Player Races

On the Star Wars: The Old Republic official forum, Tenacity has gathered together some information on what races are possible for inclusion as player races, based on what is known about the setting. He reckons that Bothans, Cathar, Devaronians, Droids, Duros, Iridonians/Zabrak, Ithorians, Kel Dor, Mon Cal, Nautolans, Quarren, Rodians, Selkath, Togruta, Trandoshans, Twileks and Wookies should be possible. 

Even if it's solely because of the number of planets that would need to be in the game at launch, I can't seen all of those making it in. I'd guess there will be about six races to start with. Now, Hutts are not in that list, because they're considered too powerful and too difficult to animate. I'm not convinced on either of those, but the Hutts are so unpleasant that I really can't see much likelihood of them as playable characters.

My guess would be that the most iconic races will be the starting ones: Humans, Wookies, Droids, Twileks, Mon Cal, and Rodians, say. Others might be added later, or appear only as NPCs. I would be very pleased to see some non-humanoid races as player characters, but I recognise that that might be too much development for something that won't necessarily be all that popular.


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