Thursday, December 18, 2008

IGN's SW:TOR Preview

IGN were one of the first sites in with a preview of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here are some key quotes and notes:
"It's not a day-in-the-life of Star Wars," Ray [Muyzka, one of Bioware's founders] emphasizes; "It's about being a hero."

Part of what he's saying there is that this game, unlike the previously released Star Wars: Galaxies won't emphasise crafting or other sandbox-style elements; it'll go after the heroic, story-oriented material instead.
There's a whole galaxy to tell stories in, and unlike Star Wars Galaxies or The Lord of the Rings Online, The Old Republic isn't tied down to an intricate series of events and settings.

In other words, they can make things up without upsetting the lore nerds. This is definitely an advantage, as one of the areas in which LOTRO failed to grab me was the way in which the outcome was pre-determined and known. Sure, we know in this that Coruscant is not going to be blown up, but pretty much everything else is up for grabs.

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