Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crafting, Guilds and Economy in SW:TOR

There's an interesting quote on Gamespy's latest Star Wars: The Old Republic article, attributed to one of the Bioware founders (not clear whether it's Zeschuk or Muzyka, or a combined statement):
You also have players who like to build guilds and enjoy the social aspects of the game, and other players who get really into crafting and the game economy. The Old Republic will have opportunities for all these types of players to play the game exactly the way they enjoy playing it. We're taking a really balanced and comprehensive approach in this respect.

... which kind of goes against something that was stated before by Muzyka, "It's about being a hero", which seemed to imply that the other aspects of the game would be played down. But personally, I'm much happier to see a spread of activities - it means there'll be plenty to do on an ongoing basis in the game.

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