Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SW:TOR on Consoles?

The Rumor Feed has a post saying that "It is widely believed among Bioware staffers that EA is going to pimp SW: TOR to the consoles." Consoles in this case are the current generation: XBox360 and PS3, although it's reckoned the installation may be too large for the basic 360.

There's also the detail that, at launch, the game "will NOT have space combat or exploration". And, you know, I'm ok with that. I'd far prefer that they deliver a good planet-based Star Wars game, and get the space material in later, than try to do everything at once. Besides, at low levels (assuming there are levels; you know what I mean anyway) we'll be getting started on one planet, and using interstellar ferries to get around, not owning our own ships. That'll come later.

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